Anna Mae is a singer and songwriter born 1990 in Switzerland. Music has always been an important part of her life, spending all her time on singing and writing songs. Anna Mae tries herself out in different genres in order to keep discovering new facets of herself. But what her heart is absolutely beating for is: Folk, Country & Chanson Française.

"Tina Turner, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Michael Bolton as well as Michel Sardou and Edith Piaf are artists I get inspired of and I deeply admire their work." - Anna Mae

In her schooldays - spending 4 years in France - Anna Mae made her first concrete music experiences such as singing in a school band, playing the guitar & flute, taking singing lessons, constantly appearing on several concerts and competitions. Later on Anna Mae started to gig as a solo performer accompanying her voice with an acoustic guitar. That's when she slowly started to establish herself as a solo artist in Switzerland (2010).

"A great opportunity for me was to open for Bastian Baker in Lucerne, Switzerland or to sing with Deborah Allen on the occasion of a country festival in Switzerland." - Anna Mae

Next step (2012-13) for Anna Mae was to more concentrate on music and singing in order to understand and learn deeper about it. Therefor she attended a vocal diploma course in London at BIMM (former Tech Music School). She used this year not only for training but also for networking and gigging in the city.

Back in Switzerland, where Anna Mae is living, she's back on stage performing and writing songs. She is booked as a solo artist or together with her two fellow musicians Roli Stadelmann (bass) & Gabriel Yaacoub (guitar).

"I get a kick out of singing and performing because it's my way to express myself and to show what lies inside of me. I think that music is a language that can be understood by everyone on this planet and can bring people together." - Anna Mae

This is what she's aiming for: bringing people together with the strength of music. Anna Mae is full of energy and motivated indeed to follow her music way in order to achieve - sooner or later - her high set goals.

Her debut EP "Let It Roll" has been released in late autumn 2016. It's consisting of 4 original songs recorded and produced by Tobi Gmür (SUI) in Switzerland. Anna Mae's first video clip featuring the track "Don't Go Away" came out in early 2017, it has been shooted by Gango Luege, Lucerne (SUI). To name a few events that happened since 2016: Anna Mae could release video production with BalconyTV Zurich or appear as a guest singer for diverse artists on stage or in the studio.

What holds the future? Anna Mae gets the chance to perform a showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Canada (May 2018). To properly prepare for this very event as well as to promote her work, Anna Mae will play a club tour in the US beforehand (April 2018).

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