Challenging times... II

by Anna Mae

I'm in Switzerland and currently watching what's happening around the world. I hope indeed that you are ok and that we will soon be returning back to something called 'normal'.

I think that this crisis is a hard lesson to be learned for all of us. For me, this means that I'm finally learning to be patient. I'm learning how it feels like to take the time instead of rushing through life. I'm also learning to trust and believe that this is happening for a reason. Right now, I'm still standing in the middle of nowhere regarding my professional life as a musician. We don't know yet when we will be back on stage. However, a live stream concert is taking place on FRI 8 May 2020 / 7pm CDT organized by Red Rooster Coffee House in Aberdeen, South Dakota. I'm looking forward to share some music with you. You can watch via Red Rooster's Facebook page - see you!

It seems like a story with an open end, like we'd be sailing on the see and waiting for the call 'land in sight'. I think that we need to take it as it is, that's all we can do.

Sending you my best thoughts, Anna Mae

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