New album in the makin' ...

by Anna Mae

I'm so happy that the album is coming down the line and we can see nice results. We just finished mixing the tracks, they will be mastered and finalized by next week. That's how we're getting closer to the end of the project. Which is a good sign I'd say... We will now put our main and especially strong focus on marketing, promo and other (background) work.

The project is alive and this I owe to you! Thanks for your support, if via crowdfunding or not, it's wonderful to feel you near. Unfortunately, the live situation for 2021 doesn't look too good. That's how it is... However, we still can make the choice to create and listen to music. That's the reason why I'm looking forward to release and share my debut album with you all.

Collaborating with partners/funders such as Strawberry Records, Regionaler Förderfonds Kultur Luzern West and Indian Motorcycle Switzerland. Recording studio: Soundfarm Studios.

It's gonna be out in spring 2021 - be ready !

Meanwhile, I'm wishing you a peaceful winter season and have yourself a Merry Christmas!

With Love, Anna Mae

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