New single "River" coming soon !

by Anna Mae

My new single "River" will be released on 9th of November 2018!

I had written the song quite a while ago and was looking for a duet partner when Chrigel Zenger from Switzerland came around. I like his singing a lot and was very glad when he accepted to go to the studio to record the song together. It was loads of fun and something we would call 'a good collaobration'. We love the song, and do hope that you will too!

Stay tuned via Facebook or this website for more infos to come! The song "River" will be available from 9th November 2018 on by downloading or streaming it (iTunes, Spotify, ...).

I say bye for now...! Oh, please don't forget to let me know what you think of the tune, I'm excited to hear from you!

Love, Anna Mae

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