Not to miss ...

by Anna Mae

I won't be as busy as I was during 2018 regarding live performances. On one side, I need a little break to fill up the tank again and on the other, I look for room & time to prepare further projects. That's why I'd like to give you a shout and tell you not to miss my two (and only) gigs in Switzerland this summer!

The first one is taking place in 3 days (from the moment I posted this message):

July 12 / Country Goes To Schmiedhof, Samstagern ZH / bookings via phone 044 687 33 44
Me and the musicians are very much looking forward to it!

The second concert is one week later:

July 19 / City Lounge Langenthal 2019 / Hotel Bären (outdoor area)
The above hotel as well as the club Old Capitol in Langenthal BE are organizing a singer/songwriter-night in the middle of the old town. This is gonna be a nice opportunity to spend your summer night out. Pop by!

I'm looking forward to see you on one (or both) of these dates! Enjoy the wonderful summertime, Anna Mae

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