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by Anna Mae

Hey there,

Today is the day ! I'm excited, my new single HEY LES AMIS is out now! The song is a mixture of americana music and french chanson. It's telling the story about courage and faith, about going your own way, and that we all sometimes need to take risks to keep on growing.

"Hey Les Amis" is a digital and radio release. Premiering on air: Radio Nord Vaudois in Switzerland . Country radio station in the UK . FDL radio station in France . Make sure to turn the radio on and listen to the track ! I'd be glad to hear from you and see what you think. So don't hesitate to get in touch with me on social media or e-mail.

You also can purchase the track via Bandcamp and stream it on Spotify.

For my part, I love the tune ! Besides americana and french music it's got a folky and rocky touch which I really like. A huge THANK YOU goes to everyone who was involved in this project !

Songwriters Hanna Vinter and Claude Paschoud

The band Nadja Limacher alias Anna Mae (vox), Steffen Peters (bass, bvs), Brian Wilkie (pedal steel), Christian Winiker (e-git), Rafael Woll (drums), Gabriel Yaacoub (a-git, bvs)

Producer Steffen Peters and Soundfarm Studios in Obernau. Masterer Anna Murphy and echochamber in Zurich. Recording engineer in Chicago Jamie Wagner. Graphic designer Jamie Gannon. Photographer Justine Rutz.

It's been a dream of mine for a very long time. To release french music means the whole world to me. And the fact that my team and I found a way to bring two such iconic music styles together is just fantastic. I hope you like “Hey Les Amis” as much as I do and that you will share it with your loved ones. Thank you for being part of the story !

Love, Anna Mae

PS: the single represents Anna Mae’s upcoming french EP “Chansons de Nadja Bernadette” which will be released later this year. It’s going to be a collection of french/americana tunes made with loads of love. So make sure to stick around !

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