Out Of The Woods ...

by Anna Mae

I couldn't be happier ! Today is release day of my album OUT OF THE WOODS. It's ready for you to have a listen! Purchase the album in your local record store, via www.cede.ch or listen to it on streaming & downloading platforms.

Producer: Steffen Peters / Recording studio: Soundfarm
Band: Gabriel Yaacoub (a-guitar), Christian Winiker (e-guitar), Timo Wild (drums), Steffen Peters (bass), Nadja Limacher (a-guitar, BVs)
Specials: Chrigel Zenger (BVs), Elian Zeitel (BVs), Brian Wilkie (pedal steel), Andi Schnellmann (bass), Josua Romano (harmonica), Sebastian Meyer (piano), Simon Iten (double bass), Tobi Gmür (mandolin), Lukas Bircher (violin)
Songwriters: Nadja Limacher, Hanna Vinter
Graphic designer: Nina Sasse
Photographer: Justine Rutz
Promotion: Rolf Schlup / das office

OUT OF THE WOODS represents a project we had been working on for quite a long time. Over the past 12 months we did put so much love, passion, energy and hard work into the production. We have contributed as much as we possibly could to get the best out of it. I think that me, producer, all the musicians, songwriters and everyone who's been involved, we all can say that we're proud of what we have worked on, of what the outcome is ! A huge Thank You to all of you from the bottom of my heart !

OUT OF THE WOODS is my first LP. It's containing country and folk music as well as elements of rock and blues. The album lists ten songs that had been written during the last decade. It makes me happy indeed that swedish songwriter Hanna Vinter contributed a couple of songs. Thank You Hanna ! This new album means a lot to me in the way I wish to set a milestone in my musical career. It also means that I truly came out of the woods in the last few years, I know who I really am and I know what I want to make myself a happier person in order to bring peace to everyone & everything that's surrounding me.

The album OUT OF THE WOODS wouldn't have been possible without the financial support of some important partners: Förderfonds Kultur Region Luzern West, Simota-Bikes Adliengswil LU, Indian Motorcycle Switzerland. I also appreciate the help coming from the crowdfunders as well as some family members lending me money to be able to pay the bills during these wonderful and (at the same time) challenging times !

What's more? The release show (includes panel and concert) is set for SAT 10 April 2021 at 7.30pm (MEZ) where we'll be playing live at Treibhaus Luzern. No audience is allowed, so please take the chance and be part of the show on a virtual base (online event). Be kind and pay for music - here's the link to buy your ticket to show some solidarity with the musicians. THANK YOU! It's gonna be great!

With love, Anna Mae


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