Promo tour ...

by Anna Mae

Hi there, 

The past weeks I've been travelling around Switzerland to promote my new EP "Chansons de Nadja Bernadette" which had been released on 6th of October 2023.

I've been from Lucerne to Lausanne, then from Lausanne to Langnau, and back to Williau. I hopped on the train for Zurich, I also went to Bern and Frutigen, before I travelled back to #LuzernerHinterland.

It was quite fun to see so many different places in such a small amount of time. I guess, I've never travelled that much before in Switzerland. I'm grateful for all the lovely people I met and the experience I could gain.

I'd like to thank the radio and tv stations, the print and digital media, for making me feel welcome. I'm glad that I got the chance to spread my music all across the country. You're as much part of the Anna Mae-story as the audience and fans are.

TV Oberwallis // SRF1 Country Special // RTS 1ère Le Grand Soir // Radio Neo1 // Radio RaBe // Tele 1 // Soltis Podcast // Radio RNV // Radio BeO // and many more!

If you haven't listened to my new EP "Chansons de Nadja Bernadette" already, please do so! It is available on digital music platforms like Spotify or Bandcamp as well as at Old Town Record Store in Luzern and If you'd like to have a personal copy of the EP, feel free to order one either via contact form - I'm happy to sign and send it out to you !

Thank you, Anna Mae

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