Chicago residency ...

by Anna Mae

Hi everyone,

Time is moving on. My residency here in Chicago IL will soon come to an end. It's under the wide open skies of the Midwest that I will say goodbye and fly back to Europe. I don't need to be sad, though, as I have a bunch of souvenirs I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Such as beautiful moments of live music, interesting people I had the chance to meet, wonderful walks in the park and along the waterfront, sounds, noise, smells, feelings, and so on.

My being here as an artist in residence represented an opportunity for me to further develop myself from a professional point of view. It was also a time when I learned to have a closer look at things, try to take a different perspective, and think forward. Furthermore, it gave me the chance to get to know myself deeper and to better understand the ways of my heart.

There's not much that we know, I guess. But there is one thing I can tell: life is a magical thing if you follow your heart. Never give up and keep on doing what you love. Together we will make this world a brighter place.

The residency in Chicago wouldn't have been possible without the organization sister cities Luzern-Chicago and all your lovely words and supporting comments. Thank you for sharing the music journey with me.

Love, Anna Mae

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