Review on 2018 & a huge THANK YOU !

by Anna Mae

I'm currently in Sweden working intensively on new songs with a dear songwriter friend of mine. What I wish to do here and now is to saying a huge THANK YOU to all of you for supporting me! Several highlights have made this year a very special one to me regarding my profession as a singer & songwriter. You'll find some of the events below.

- above all, there was my first tour abroad, happening in spring (supported by crowdfunding, Fondation SUISAAlbert Koechlin StiftungCountry Radio Switzerland, ...). I played concerts in all sorts of places in the Midwest, some were smaller and some bigger (e.g. Aberdeen SD, Chicago IL, ...). I was happy to meet so many different people. The fact that there was always an open-minded and welcoming audience waiting for me, was just awesome. So thank you for that! It was great that I could end this tour with three showcases at Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

- another highlight was the release of my new single "River". I had written this song with the intention to sing it as a duett. The swiss country singer Chrigel Zenger accepted the invitation to sing it with me. The both of us and all the musicians had a great time together!

- the big moment regarding concerts in Switzerland was the one I played in November at Stadtkeller in Lucerne. I enjoyed a wonderful atmosphere with my fans during the night and couldn't have been happier. Me, Roli & Gabriel were very thankful for this moment! This very concert shouldn't stand on its own, but for all the gigs we played throughout the year. Every concert does mean a lot me - it represents passion and positive energy. These things keep me heading forward and reaching for higher goals.

You are part of my story, part of my music, part of my life. That's why I'd like to say it again, Thank You indeed for supporting!


Love, Anna Mae

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