Sharing some wonderful moments...

by Anna Mae

During the past few weeks or months the whole situation has been a challenge and while I was/am still in there, I also had a number of wonderful moments that cheered me up like I never thought they could! I'd like to share some of them with you...

- First of all, I cannot thank Michelle enough for helping me out with her Wylbert project. We were selling cotton bags all over the place to share the money with artists and musicians who couldn't play due to the restrictions and therefor were without any income. This was a huge relief for us all and I'm so grateful!

- Then, I was glad to be a part of Festi'Nefh in Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland. I played a concert at home via Skype for the Foyer Handicap. We have spent a nice afternoon together with loads of positive vibes. Thanks for letting me have this virtual-skype-concert-experience and for organizing everything Thierry! Thanks to Matthias, Visual Audio, for supporting me with your light show and turning my living room into something special!

- Last but not least, I'd like to inform you that I'll be a part of Niemerchond-Festival (Niemerchond = Nobody's showing up). This event stands for all the festivals that have been cancelled for this summer. A fact that hits hard on organizors, artists, you & me, and everyone else involved. If you wanna support us please get your infos and tickets via Thank you!

I guess we're all one big family and all I'm wishing you is love! We'll get through this and grow stronger.

Bless you, Anna Mae

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