Summer gigs

by Anna Mae

Summer in Switzerland will soon be over. But I'm not gonna be sad about this! However, Summer 2018 provided me with plenty of sunshine and loads of gigs. I was happy to play for public as well as private events, indoor / outdoor, for barbecues or summer night partys, boat cruise and for several weddings where you literaly could feel that "Love Is In The Air". Each one of these concert moments gave me pure and positive energy. They made me happy indeed!

I will now step back from the stage for the next few weeks in order to do some work in the "backyard" (songwriting, recording preparation, mind-setting, and of course some relaxing too). I'm looking forward to come back with all new & fresh energy. For those who can't wait, here's my list of upcoming concerts - and don't forget to book your tickets! : 

Yours, Anna Mae

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