There's something about living your dream ...

by Anna Mae

There's really something about it. I believe that all the strength and positive energy lies in yourself and that you can reveal it by doing what you love and what you're passionate about. It sometimes means very hard work indeed, but it's worth it. In my oppinion, it doesn't make sense to step a foot on earth without having a think about what you're here for and what you could do to 'repare' this planet.

For me, music was a calling. Singing & songwriting, there's nothing else I'd rather do. It's not always easy, sometimes I have to fight and it feels painful. But I'm doing it because there's love alongside with it. Music helps me to be truly myself, to fullfill and reveal what lies in me. 

Don't be shy, be courageous and go your own way. Every human being has something particular that wants to be revealed; a gift, a talent that will guide you through your life. Share it with the world and we'll all be happier.

I will talk about my experiences as a singer & songwriter, about living my dream and what it's like to go your own way. Live on Radio BeO Country (Interlaken, Switzerland) from 8 - 10pm on FRI 8th March 2019. Tune in if you like!

With love, Anna Mae

... and don't worry, if you miss the show, you can always listen to my songs, there's a lot of this topic in them ...

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