Wanted ...

by Anna Mae

Hey there,
I'm on the lookout for songwriters like you. No matter whether you've already written a bunch of songs or it is your frist time. Take the chance and write a song with me. All I need from you is a sentece that describes best what moves you most in your life. Is it your family? Is it an especially fulfilling or hard time you're currently going through? Is it travelling and meeting other people? Is it the war situation? Or maybe your thought about the hurt and the poor ones? Is it any other situation that you can't stop thinking of?

Tell me what it is by describing it in one max. two sentences! Anything from english, french or german will do. Important: keep it short and pregnant. You can send it over to me via contact form by mentioning your name, pseudonym or "anonym" if that's what you'd prefer.

What I'm going to do then is to read through your messages and will look at them like a puzzle. I will cherish you sending me your thoughts, ideas and inputs to put them in a song lyric. My aim is to create a song that we all believe in, a song that's tellling the story of our lives, a song that has been written by us all.

What do you think? Don't wait and send me your sentece about what moves you the most. I'll keep you updated on my website as well as on social media (Facebook and Instagram) for you to find out how the process is progressing. So stay tuned! I will send a message via email to all those whose sentece has been chosen.

Thank you everybode & please spread the word !

My best,


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